Projects are your core business? Service companies who think and work in projects are ours. SAP Business One with integration of the industry-specific functions of MARIProject can completely map all the needs of all sizes of service companies.


Important things explained simply

Questions that we answer service companies first and most often.

What defines a service provider according to us?

The typical service provider is a provider of services who has one potential above all: his employees and his know-how. They provide services ranging from consulting to executive activities, such as repairs, which are controlled, managed and accounted for in different ways. Service providers often think and act in projects, which are also processed using typical project management methods. New ideas for services and high flexibility in the design of conditions for calculation are the potential for competition and growth of the company.

What do service providers expect from ERP software?
What are the benefits of integrating all divisions into one ERP solution?
How can larger companies and groups of companies benefit?
Where and how can our software offering be used?

Two in one

Even standard solutions can be adapted. SAP Business One teams up with MARIProject to create a flexible system for all project business.

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