Plant construction

Plant construction needs more than a good construction plan! We see your industry as a project business at its best, which is always looking to map new projects in a standard software. No problem for SAP Business One with integrated MARIProject functions.


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What does plant engineering do that makes it so special for an ERP solution?

An ERP solution for plant construction is responsible for monitoring and controlling the production of mostly complex plants. The production of these plants is usually run as a project. As a result, the ERP functions are closely connected with the tools of project management. In addition, the production plants can differ from order to order, which means that the ERP-System must be highly flexible.

What functions do plant construction need in an ERP?
What are the benefits of integrating all divisions into one ERP solution?
How can larger companies and groups of companies benefit?
Where and how can our software offering be used?

Two in one

Even standard solutions can be adapted. SAP Business One teams up with MARIProject to create a flexible system for all companies in the plant construction industry.

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