Standard solutions can also adapt. SAP Business One makes common cause with MARIProject, creating a flexible system for all companies that think and work in projects.

Fully integrated

MARIProject is a project management solution fully integrated into the SAP Business One software environment - specifically developed for industries that think and work in projects.

Better together

Small and medium-sized enterprises in particular benefit from the seamless interaction between SAP Business One and MARIProject, as this means they can dispense with cost-intensive customisations and both solutions continue to run smoothly even after updates.

Industry specific

Plant construction, service providers, trade - companies working in projects are diverse. And so are their requirements. One answer to this are the functions of MARIProjects, which work hand in hand with SAP Business One to enable industry-specific work.


Complex company structures with different resources, cost drivers and multi-layered invoicing require flexible tools that enable decision-makers to keep track quickly and easily. MARIProject has many functions for planning, calculating and evaluating the latest values.


What MARIProject can do for you

Companies can store items or services in MARIProject with purchase or sales prices that are automatically updated by the system. For an offer, only the individual items are compiled and the software shows whether the calculation is economical. The finished offer is sent directly to your customer with one click from the system.


In MARIProject's resource planning, it is directly visible which capacities an employee has for a project period. By simply dragging and dropping, plans can be transferred to available resources, while the project costs can be calculated in parallel. MARIProject also provides daily project evaluations and project phase performance reports. In addition, individual evaluations can be created that provide visualised insights into, for example, employee utilisation or compare the actual hours with the billable hours in a project.

say godby to timesheets - with MARIProject, employees record working hours in the home office or on the road on the web or via an app. This allows others to continue working directly with the current data and, for example, invoice services to customers or check and evaluate the current project status. MARIProject time recording also works for travel expenses, as all current, legally valid flat rates are stored in the system.


Invoicing is clear and yet flexible: From the overview of all recorded services, individual decisions can be made as to whether and how much of them should be invoiced. The software also allows you to adapt releases to your individual processes. MARIProject also makes it possible to invoice in a variety of ways according to key date, milestone, fixed price, effort, down payment, payment request or commission. The billing wizard also helps the accounting department by compiling all recorded amounts to be billed at a certain point in time.

The long-term management of support is particularly relevant in the project business. MARIProject therefore contains an integrated support desk for processing support tickets, which can also be made available to customers. In this way, all users can enter tickets and track the processes in real time.


Questions on MARIProject?

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