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As a company from the industry, we are familiar with your issues - license management, maintenance or full support integrations. SAP Business One with integration of the industry-specific functions of MARIProject can completely map all the needs of IT & software companies of all types.


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What does an ERP define for the IT & Software industry?

IT-consulting and IT-services, project execution, hardware and software sales, hosting and cloud services, software development, software maintenance, IT-support or IT-training: Whether individually or several core activities in combination, this is what companies in the IT and software industry are dealing with. This huge scope often makes it difficult to find an ERP solution that covers all the requirements arising from this variety. Many different processes of various orientations have to be reconciled. The solutions come from retail, project management and even a special kind of production. That's a big challenge for a single integrated ERP solution.

What functions does the IT & Software industry need in an ERP-System?
What are the benefits of integrating all areas into one ERP solution?
How can larger companies and groups of companies benefit?
Where and how can our software offering be used?

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Even standard solutions can be adapted. SAP Business One teams up with MARIProject to create a flexible system for all companies in the IT & Software industry.

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