CKS.ADC is the add-on module to SAP Business One that greatly simplifies document processing. It enables you to process incoming invoices and other documents (e.g. goods receipts) fully automatically. You scan an invoice and the associated document is automatically created in SAP Business One. The advantages are obvious. Electronic processing drastically reduces typing errors during data transfer. The same applies to the time required, which significantly speeds up your processes and thus saves costs. The scanned document remains stored with the document and is thus available and archived for visual comparison at any time.

Import Vouchers

If you have received delivery bills, invoices, payment advices or sales orders by mail in paper form, simply scan them via your document scanner. If your third-party document is already available in a digital version, you can easily import it into your file inbox.

Automatically Capture Documents

In your inbox directly in SAP Business One you will first find all imported documents. Here you simply select the documents you want to capture automatically. You only need to specify the type of document (delivery bill, invoice, payment notification or sales orders or purchase orders) and start the recognition routine.

Record SAP Documents

During recognition, an SAP document is automatically created and filled in with the corresponding values that you previously entered manually. If a previous SAP document is found (e.g. a delivery bill entered for an invoice), this is also automatically linked and compared. Deviating values such as quantity or prices are highlighted and can thus be checked directly.

Up To 99% Detection Rate

In the general case, after a three-day start-up period, between 80 and 90% of documents are recognized, processed and distributed without errors. In most applications, this recognition rate is also sufficient for effective document capture. However, if a higher recognition rate is desired, this can be easily achieved. Recognition rates of up to 99% are achievable, but more effort must be put into the setup.


Was CKS.ADC kann

Third-party documents that are still in paper form can simply be scanned using your office scanner. The resulting PDF file is then directly available in the cks.ADC inbox folder.


If your third-party documents are already on your network or on a data carrier as a PDF file, you can easily select them using the usual file search and copy them to the inbox folder.


Many invoices are sent by e-mail today. Therefore, move incoming documents directly from Outlook to the inbox folder, including their attachments. These will be archived at the same time.


You can save your inbound documents, e.g. from other applications, to a specific Windows directory. This is linked to the cks.ADC inbox folder in SAP Business One. Files stored there will be forwarded directly there.


Questions on CKS.ADC?

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