About us

Versino Projects GmbH is a subsidiary of Versino Group, the leading SAP partner in the D-A-CH region, SAP Gold Partner and a well-established team with almost twenty years of industry experience.

This is us

Ercan Atici and Christof Biermann are the people behind Versino Projects. We got to know each other and SAP Business One when we entered the market at the beginning of the new millennium. Since then we have walked this journey together. First for other companies, then with our own ideas in our own company. Founded in 2008, at the peak of the financial crisis, which taught us what we still benefit by today: A detailed financial planning helps you through difficult times, who only relies on the product disappears quickly.

We are a mid-sized company

As a mid-sized company, we understand your needs - as a company working on large projects, we understand all the various challenges. We work with customers who have two employees, and with those who have over two thousand. We have mapped processes in projects that generate a million in sales a year and others that generate a billion.

Flexible team, flexible size

Thanks to the flexible collaboration with our remote team and the Versino Group's support resources on call, we can handle projects of different sizes.

Internationally established

And it's not just us who have a large footprint - it''s our customers, too. SAP Business One is THE ERP solution for medium-sized businesses with an global focus. 50 country versions that address the respective country-specific conditions and 28 language versions have ensured worldwide use across 170 countries.

Key points in one sentence

Standard solutions can also be individual with the right service. If installing software would be enough, no one would need us.

Ercan Atici

Analytical, pragmatic, economical, rational, solution-oriented - these are strengths that Ercan Atici uses in addition to his experience in project management. Advice from him is not always comfortable, but always honest - and that's what he is known for in the industry.

Senior Consultant SAP Business One
CEO Versino Projects GmbH

Christof Biermann

Always looking for a new challenge - that's how Christof Biermann goes into distribution. With a lot of national and international experience in ERP and decision-maker positions, he works with companies to find a solution that not only fits, but improves.

Distribution SAP Business One & Marketing
CEO Versino Projects GmbH

These are the questions we answer most often as a company about our work.

What is our mission?

Every 8 to 10 years, mid-sized companies implement a new software system. On the one hand, we define ourselves as consultants and helpers during the introduction of such systems. On the other hand, our role as a guide over the years, in which such a system is operated, adapted, further developed and optimized, is at least as important to us. It is said that ERP systems are the engine in the engine room of the digitalization of companies. We see our role as your engineers and mechanics in this engine room.

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